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Founded in 1983, A2Z Group marked the beginning of a highly reputed closely held corporate giant in Kerala. Being a first generation entrepreneur, the Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. E.S. Jose, turned around the humble beginning of the company through sheer hard work and perseverance and in the process built up a respected business empire over a period close to three decades. A2Z Sanitary Wares, the flagship operation gradually grew into a chain of showrooms present in all major cities of Central and South Kerala. Professionalism being the operational focus, it didn’t take long for the company to make a difference in the market. A2Z invested in professionals who could leverage the tremendous patronage of a huge base of dedicated customers who looked for quality products and services in Kerala. Delivering a new standard of service, A2Z grew in leaps and bounds by adding various strategic business units to its portfolio. Now the group has 14 divisions representing a major presence in different business verticals such as Retail & Whole sale of building materials, Manufacturing of PVC pipes and fittings, designing of tiles and Sanitary wares, Tourism, Aquaculture, Plantations, International trading as well as Real estate and property development.

A2Z Group is the embodiment of the great vision of Mr. E. S. Jose, a multifaceted entrepreneur and philanthropist with extraordinary business acumen. Though family owned and operated, the A2Z Group is today recognised as a professional industrial house based in Kerala, with successful strategic business units that straddle several business verticals. Driven by his passion for business and a pioneering vision for the future, Mr. Jose has built the corporate on the trusted pillars of traditional Indian values and ethics. As the Chairman and Managing Director of A2Z Group, he has been eminently successful in building a professional team to manage the operations of the company. Off late, his focus has been concentrated on providing motivation and guidance to steer the corporate towards higher growth, profitability and stature. The financial stability, consistent growth and the redoubtable market leadership enjoyed today by A2Z Group are the fruits of the unrelenting efforts of this entrepreneur par excellence. Over the decades, he has been able to translate his ambition into a paradigm to go by, when it comes to doing successful business in Kerala. He has also been very successful in moulding business perspectives with the social realms creating synergies that have contributed tremendously to addressing social issues like never before.

  • A2Z Sanitary Wares, Ernakulam - 1983
    Branch – Kadavanthara, Ernakulam - 1997
    Branch – Vellayambalam, Thiruvananthapuram - 1999
  • A2Z Agencies, Cherthalai, Alapuzha District - 1988
  • Diplomat Plastics Pvt. Ltd, Chalikkavattom,Ernakulam - 1989. Branch - Bangalore -2011
  • A2Z Sanitary Wares & Tiles, Ernakulam - 1991 Branch – Kadavanthara, Ernakulam - 1997
  • Shorn Ceramics, Thammanam, Ernakulam - 1991
  • Thomas Ansalam and Company, Ernakulam - 1991
  • Omega Pipes Pvt Ltd. Ernakulam - 1992. Branch- Bangalore-2011
  • A2Z Builders, Ernakulam - 1993
  • Omega Fisheries Pvt. Ltd, Ernakulam - 1993
  • A2Z International Trading and Marketing, Ernakulam - 1995
  • English Plantations Pvt. Ltd, Ernakulam - 1995
  • A2Z Holidays, Cochin & Vagamon - 2003
  • A2Z Infotech , Ernakulam - 1999
  • Mr. E. S. Jose is the Chairman and Managing Director of the group who redefined intelligence and industry in Kerala. The Corporate history of A2Z has been charted by this visionary almost single handedly. His flag ship operation, A2Z Sanitary Wares, was the timely answer to and ever growing demand for quality sanitary wares in the state. This gradually grew into a chain of showrooms present in all major cities of central and south Kerala. With the help of a set of hand picked professionals and the patronage of a huge base of dedicated customers and well wishers, Mr. Jose began his success story. Like a truly accomplished visionary, he grew his company in leaps and bounds by adding various strategic business units to his portfolio. Now the group has 14 divisions representing a major presence in different business verticals. His experience as a businessman with a modest beginning and a lot of empathy helped him understand the socio-economic problems faced by industries, traders and the general public in equal measure. Perhaps it is this understanding that helped him being elected Chairman of Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry three times. He is the Chairman, President & patron of innumerable organizations in the social, economic, political, cultural and sporting sectors and has been highly successful in all his endeavours. He has served as the Vice President of Kerala State Sports Council. Mr. Jose has stamped his presence in the international scenario also. In 2002, he presented a paper in the World Youth and Student Conference held in Algeria. He led the Kerala Team to South Korea as the Organizer to participate in the Busan, Asian Games in 2002.. Under his leadership, the foundation stone of Kerala Trade Centre, a replica a business centre of the Kerala Chamber of Commerce & Industry was laid.His uncompromising sense of development, ardent commitment to the public causes and relentless pursuit for sharing his good fortune with the less fortunate has made him a noted philanthropist and role model in Kerala and beyond.

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